A simple but hard to follow winter fitness tip

produced by john c ashworth A simple and hard to follow winter fitness tip Try this quick winter fitness tip this hear. Something is always better than nothing. be sure to watch this video in full screen mode for the full 360 effects 🙂

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How to clear your mind for great sales copywriting

written and produced by john c ashworth First, here are a few tips to consider for your copywriting efforts before you even sit down to write. Be fully rested with a good night’s sleep Eat sparingly. Heavy meals will affect your mental sharpness. Try a little intermittent fasting before you sit down to write. I…

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There is NO Secret formula for YOUR fitness program

produced by john c ashworth To get a copy of my new fitness logbook as soon as it comes off the press, be sure to subscribe here right now so that you can be alerted as soon as it arrives. -John

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Live from my GoPro in the Silverstone home gym. Let’s get after it!

produced by john c ashworth The full version of this livestream I produced yesterday on facebook is below. This morning, I spent some time working to condense the effort into something more useful for you. This was a livestream test effort and you should keep your eyes out for more of this 🙂 -John Following…

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Expert online personal training with john c ashworth. Virtual Workout #22

Virtual workout #22 …Another sneak peek into my new pandemic rescue online personal training and virtual coaching program produced by john c ashworth

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What’s all the Yomping about?

written by john c ashworth When you come up the stairs in the morning to go to work, do you shuffle, stomp, trudge, plod, clump, lumbar, slog, or yomp? I know some of you do. I can hear you. Let’s back-up a second… Do you take the stairs in your building? Or do you make…

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