Funerals. The party no one wants to plan…

produced by john c ashworth This one is for funeral directors and Gail and I have a longer interview scheduled tomorrow to cover this topic in more detail. Thanks for listening… Click the photo to learn more about Gail. -John

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How Music Helps Us Grieve – Brain Pickings

Poking around on a Friday afternoon and learning as much as I can about the funeral profession. Found this cool article about how music helps us grieve. -John Scientists now believe that language and music co-evolved to simulate the most abiding truths of nature. Source: How Music Helps Us Grieve – Brain Pickings

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How the Civil War Changed American Funerals

During the Civil War, an estimated 620,000 men died, many of the deaths due to non-combat related disease. Families wanted their loved one shipped home in order to give them a proper farewell. The bodies would decompose by the time they were returned home, thus the practice of embalming began to emerge.   The death…

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The art of the funeral, passed down through generations | Herald Community Newspapers |

In 1865, when Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, the funerary arts were still just a side-gig for what was then the Dodge Furniture Company. Preserving the deceased’s remains through embalming wasn’t the mortician’s staple that it is today. Burials were held soon after death to avoid the natural decay process.That changed when Lincoln’s funeral train,…

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How Funeral Directors Can Embrace Crowdfunding

In addition to this article, be sure to read the specific story about the popularity of crowdfunding for funerals in Philadelphia, PA. -John   It’s not just in Philadelphia either. Communities across the country turn to crowdfunding. NerdWallet obtained data from four popular third-party crowdfunding sites. They found that the “Funerals, Memorials & Tributes” category…

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More than in other cities, Philadelphia families resort to crowdfunding for funeral costs

This is a great article about the prominence of crowdfunding campaigns for funerals in Philadelphia.  If you are a funeral home in Philadelphia and you are running the Frazer web site platform, you have crowdfunding built right in to your web site.  One of the big benefits of this is the fact that you don’t…

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