lower body

Workouts. Try this Kettlebell Squat Skip Step Lunge Combination

Perform these three moves two to ten times depending on your fitness level.  Go as far in to that burn as you can.  Use during other parts of your workout to get your heart rate up and get some leg stuff in.  Use those triangle poses to loosen your hips and hamstrings. https://youtu.be/FoW3c4hNzaM  

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Exercises. High skipping in place.

The Exercise List produced by john c ashworth High-skipping in place https://youtu.be/mJK09uue50M

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Workouts. Strength Cards. Volleyball Workout 1

created by john c ashworth and jeremy clements https://youtu.be/IYq0hqfDyQQ At Madison Country Day School, we have implemented my long-standing and patent pending system of non-linear periodization known as “Strength Cards.”  You can click that link for more of an explanation.  This is the first of the Volleyball Team Strength Cards. Perform each movement at least…

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Exercises – Step-ups

The Exercise List produced by john c ashworth https://youtu.be/kmSlKRE8GVk

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