Workouts. Strength Cards. Volleyball Workout 1

created by john c ashworth and jeremy clements

At Madison Country Day School, we have implemented my long-standing and patent pending system of non-linear periodization known as “Strength Cards.”  You can click that link for more of an explanation.  This is the first of the Volleyball Team Strength Cards.

Perform each movement at least once on its own.  Either one after or the other, or interspersed during practice.  Then for the “Metabolic Circuit” at the end.  Perform all movements in a row as a circuit – once or multiple times depending on time of season, timing with next game, condition of your athletes, etc.

Up and Down Plank 10x
High Skipping  – down and back (50-100 yards) 2x
Long Stepping – down and back (25-50 yards) 2x
Squat Thrust – remember, this is a burpee WITHOUT the PUSH-UP 15-20x
*STAR JUMPS 15-20x

Metabolic Circuit

High Skipping  – down and back (50-100 yards) 2x
Squat Thrust – 15-20x
*STAR JUMPS 15-20x

*Indicated a potential focus move for the entire training session.  You might, for example, start your training session for the day with the thought in mind that you will accumulate 100-150 star jumps during your training time, by dispersing these in between drills, scrimmage time, etc.  I would NOT do this without more than 1-2 days of rest prior to your next game or match.