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great sales copywriters are sentimental people

The Ash Flash is edited weekly
by John C Ashworth

Salesman | Fitness Expert | Video Personality | Bohemian Athlete | Modern-Day Renaissance Man

About john c ashworth

John C Ashworth is a modern day renaissance man & bohemian athlete who has amassed a wide variety of skills and expertise in many different subjects including, fitness, sales, marketing, video production, copy writing, exercise physiology, clinical exercise physiology, fishing, parenting, buying cars without getting ripped off, blogging and content marketing and creation that will help you drive sales.

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“It is my sincere hope that in connecting with me, reading my blog, and working with me as your account executive at Frazer Consultants, that you will grow stronger, fitter, smarter and more powerful as a human being, and then take these improvements into your own mission, work and local spheres of influence so that we can all realize the benefits of Kaizen or constant improvement.”

john c ashworth