Here is your Thanksgiving Workout for 2021. Enjoy one piece of pie FREE! :)

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This Thanksgiving workout will make at least one piece of pie FREE today 🙂

This is a beautiful piece of copy writing.

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podcast produced by john c ashworth

podcast produced by john c ashworth

I always love it when I run into a beautiful piece of copy writing. Because great copy writing is salesmanship in print and as you know, I’m a passionate salesman.

This one in particular really stood out to me because it’s so simple and succinct. And it was incredibly effective in getting me to take action today because it hit me just the right way. I think it takes a true salesperson and copy writer to fully recognize and appreciate this unmatched beauty.

As such, I couldn’t resist taking a moment to share it with you. I hope you enjoy this beautiful and magnificent piece of copy writing as much as I did 🙂


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Serve, don’t sell. How to get everything you want.

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produced by john c ashworth

Serve, don’t sell.

How to get everything you want in life through a subtle change in perspective.

podcast produced by john c ashworth

I’m speaking at the ICCFA Dead Talks even in January and this is my topic. A life and business strategy that has served both me and my family very well over the years.

Stop focusing just for a moment on how to make more money and spend some time thinking about how you can serve. Because that is where all true opportunity and fulfillment exists.

Good luck and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas on this.

Remember…serve, don’t sell.


PS By no means do I think that you should stop working to become amazing at what you do and especially more refined when it comes to selling. This is not magic. You have to do the work. But when you change your perspective in this way and start with a commitment to service, everything you do will change for the better.

6 Tricks to converting MORE of your website traffic

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produced by john c ashworth

Happy Halloween everybody!!

Here are…

6 Tricks to converting MORE of your website traffic

This works for your funeral home website or any other small business website.

Here’s a little more on Bonus Trick #7

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Motivation for writers who need more permission to love their work

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written by john c ashworth

Here’s some quick writer motivation for you. Motivation for writers can come in many different forms. Originally, I found my own with just the right amount of empathy and unconditional permission from a true angle early in my career as a college student.

You have my permission to write…

I can still remember clearly the first day of my English class on my first day of junior college. The experience changed me forever. It gave me permission to be a writer.

The feeling was liberating. Yes. There was assigned reading from books of fiction, which I had never found an interesting exercise. I was too busy chasing girls, playing soccer and goofing off. Reading fiction did little to excite me. Sure, I read some classic stories in high school that were formative in my thinking and evolution as a human being, but I did very little reading when it was not required.

In an instant of pure ecstasy on that first day of college, my life and my career as a writer changed forever.

“You don’t have to write about the text. You don’t have to analyze the work for meaning. You don’t have to adhere to a hidden set of rules that you will find impossible to understand. You simply have to pick something from the text that sparks an idea in you and stirs your spirit in a way that will motivate you to write about something that truly interests you.”

Wow. I was hooked forever from that moment forward.

Lots of people don’t write more, if at all, because they think they don’t have permission. Feeling they have to measure-up to an invisible standard that they would likely have a hard time defining if pressed. I think this dark and unfortunate inhibition starts early in our lives and takes hold in a way that makes it very difficult to escape unless you are lucky enough to have an English teacher like I did in that first semester of junior college.

Though liberating, I faced a harsh truth once I got going. I couldn’t write for shit. Fragment sentences. Broken ideas. Disorganized paragraphs. It was embarrassing for both of us. I could do amazing things on the soccer pitch. I was an All-American that year. I broke a state scoring record. But I could do very little with my words and ideas. Yet somehow, my teacher made this OK and we went to work day after day, spending almost every class period reading, writing and sharing our ideas and emotions.

This was only the beginning for me but literally everything I am able to do now as a writer stems from the permission and guidance I got from that teacher. That angel.

Stop judging your work and just keep writing. As William Zinsser has so eloquently put it in his beautiful book ‘On Writing Well’…

Today there’s no area of life—present or past—that isn’t being made accessible to ordinary readers by men and women writing with high seriousness and grace.

Go get em’


A simple but hard to follow winter fitness tip

produced by john c ashworth

A simple and hard to follow winter fitness tip

Try this quick winter fitness tip this hear. Something is always better than nothing.

be sure to watch this video in full screen mode for the full 360 effects 🙂

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