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John C Ashworth

funeral home business consultant. salesman & marketing maniac!

About John C Ashworth

John C Ashworth is a modern day renaissance man. John’s mission is grounded in being a passionate and forward-thinking funeral home business consultant, coach, salesman, marketing maniac, writer and copywriter, content creator influencer and lifelong bohemian athlete and fitness expert.  

John has an extensive skill set and experience in many disciplines, making him a versatile professional who can deliver valuable insights for your funeral home and small business. 

His expertise includes: 

1. Small business growth: where John is adept at helping small businesses expand and succeed through strategic planning and execution of more focused sales and marketing systems. Especially when it comes to pre-need funeral services inside your funeral home. 

2. Sales and marketing: with a strong background in sales and marketing, combined with experience running his own companies and book of business, John knows how to promote products and services effectively.

3. Funeral home website design: John has experience in designing and optimizing websites specifically for funeral homes. He has worked with firms of all sizes for one of the fastest growing funeral home technology companies in the profession. 

5. Fitness: John holds a graduate degree in exercise physiology, which he obtained in the first half of his career, looking to extend his All-American soccer career and spread the good word about the value and benefits of a regular fitness program.  While not his primary pursuit anymore, John hold incredible knowledg and insight about exercise, nutrition, and overall wellness. Feel free to ask questions, but be careful once you get him talking… πŸ€“

6. Fishing: John is an avid angler, familiar with all of the lakes and rivers near Madison, WI where he lives with his wife and two kids who stop home from time to time but have moved on to their own pursuits.

7. Blogging: John is a talented blogger, content creator and writer, constantly creating engaging content on various topics for both his own pursuits and for the customers he serves in the funeral profession.

9. Content creation: John excels in producing content that drives small business growth, including written materials, videos, and other multimedia. With such a diverse range of talents and interests, John is well-equipped to tackle new challenges and contribute to growth and connection in the funeral profession.

John is a multifaceted professional with a diverse range of skills and expertise. His experience spans across various disciplines such as small business growth, sales and marketing, funeral home website design, pre-need lead generation and sales strategy, fitness, fishing, parenting, blogging, and content creation. As a funeral home business consultant and salesman, John is dedicated to providing unique and valuable insights tailored to your specific needs. His passion for growth and connection makes him an excellent partner for businesses looking to thrive in their respective industries.

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β€œIt is my sincere hope that in connecting with me, reading my blog, and working with me as your account executive at Frazer Consultants, that you will grow stronger, fitter, smarter and more powerful as a human being, and then take these improvements into your own mission, work and local spheres of influence so that we can all realize the benefits of Kaizen or constant improvement.”

–john c ashworth

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from the moment I discovered desktop publishing on my first PC in 1998, I was hooked on the idea that I could share with you the things that inspire me and that might also hold great potential for you. I like to share those nuggets of wisdom here on the ash flash.
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