This is a beautiful piece of copy writing.

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podcast produced by john c ashworth

podcast produced by john c ashworth

I always love it when I run into a beautiful piece of copy writing. Because great copy writing is salesmanship in print and as you know, I’m a passionate salesman.

This one in particular really stood out to me because it’s so simple and succinct. And it was incredibly effective in getting me to take action today because it hit me just the right way. I think it takes a true salesperson and copy writer to fully recognize and appreciate this unmatched beauty.

As such, I couldn’t resist taking a moment to share it with you. I hope you enjoy this beautiful and magnificent piece of copy writing as much as I did 🙂


PS Here is that form I mentioned in the podcast so that you can subscribe…

podcast – How great sales copywriters hook their readers

great sales copywriters are sentimental people
How great sales copywriters hook their readers

podcast produced by john c ashworth

podcast produced by john c ashworth

I received a great email newsletter from Eddie Shleyner of Very Good Copy this week.

He was talking about how good copywriters are often sentimental people. I agree. Listen to the 3-minute podcast above and see if the leading passage doesn’t stir you emotionally. And then ask yourself how you can connect on that same level of humanity with your readers, and disocover the powerful ability to draw them closer.

I totally recommend Eddie’s email newsletter. You can get it here.


How to make your mark as a writer

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written by john c ashworth

I’ve been reading, “On writing well” by William Zinsser. A really terrific book. And it’s hard to write a good book on writing.

Here is one of the gems I discovered this morning…

You’ll never make your mark as a writer unless you develop a respect for words and a curiosity about their shades of meaning that is almost obsessive. The English language is rich in strong and supple words. Take the time to root around and find the ones you want.

Describing words as strong and supple is divine. A great example of rooting around to find the ones you really want. The ones that sing.


How to clear your mind for great sales copywriting

written and produced by john c ashworth

First, here are a few tips to consider for your copywriting efforts before you even sit down to write.

  • Be fully rested with a good night’s sleep
  • Eat sparingly. Heavy meals will affect your mental sharpness. Try a little intermittent fasting before you sit down to write. I know this works very well for me and is one of the reasons I love to spend time writing first thing in the morning with only a cup or two of coffee on-board.
  • Exercise before you start. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I spent the first 20+ years of my career as an expert fitness professional and personal trainer so I’m a big, big believer in this idea and once again, practice it regularly myself. It’s truly amazing what one simple exercise session can do to clear your mind and make room for your mojo.
  • Turn-off your phone and eliminate any and all distractions. Lock your door, or at the very least close it tight, and make those around you aware that you are writing and are not to be disturbed for any reason.
  • Take a few moments of gratitude so as to cultivate a positive mood and environment.
  • Now, enter the prospect’s mind and the conversation happening therein and go!
How to clear your mind for great sales copywriting

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John C Ashworth is a modern day renaissance man & bohemian athlete who has amassed a wide variety of skills and expertise in many different subjects including, fitness, sales, marketing, video production, copy writing, exercise physiology, clinical exercise physiology, fishing, parenting, buying cars without getting ripped off, blogging and content marketing and creation that will help you drive sales.

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Too few truly understand the power of direct mail

written by john c ashworth

In a popular previous post on the subject of direct-mail, I stated that the death of direct-mail, print advertising, and long sales copy is continually exaggerated. Mostly, this is because it is misunderstood by most. Especially when considered in the context of similar stories warning of the apocalyptic end to the post office and printed mail in general, direct-mail as a viable and profitable marketing strategy is too easily set aside, like a bowl of vegetables at the dinner table.

Maybe it helps if you think about it this way…

Your mailing list is MORE valuable than your inventory, your expertise, and the services you offer. All of these things can be replaced, and also improved upon day to day inside your business. But without anyone to tell those stories to, other than the customers inside your store online or off, who is gonna care?

You want to find more people don’t you?

And when you find them, you want them to get just as excited as you are about what you do and the solutions you offer, don’t you?

You want them to visit your website or store, make inquiries, and then buy some or all of the things you sell, don’t you?

Sure, you can do it without a mailing list, but you are much less effective, and you will make less money than you could if you embraced this old school mechanism. I guarantee you.

When you continually work to build and cultivate your list, you open many doors to countless opportunities to MORE effectively serve your customers and communities. Your business might go bust and you might lose everything, and yet your cultivated list could become the seeds from which you grow something far stronger and more powerful.

There are countless means of accomplishing this goal.

I sincerely hope you choose at least one of them and start today.


Your marketing. Simplified.

written by john c ashworth

I would be doing you a disservice here if I tried to tell you that marketing and the sales that result from it were easy. Remember, the mission here on the ash flash is to share real expertise in small doses for both your small business and your health and fitness program.


Two reasons.

First, I have a lost of expertise to share when it comes to your health and fitness. And though I currently spend most of my time working as a salesman and marketing maniac, I spent the first 25 years of my career focused on clinical exercise physiology, personal training and fitness coaching. As my son Carl has pointed out on many occasions, “it would be a shame to waste all that talent and wisdom, Dad.” He’s right.

Second, there is such a preponderance of nonsense out here anymore that I also fee strongly that those of us committed to the good stuff, the real stuff, absolutely MUST make a commitment to sharing what we know. And what I know is that if you spend even just a little bit of time here on the ash flash, and especially if you come back regularly, you are bound to run into things that help you cultivate the slight edge .

Today, that might be the following two things I felt compared to share with you today.

A really great blog and expert whom I was fortunate to find and connect with on linkedin and the latest post on his blog about story-telling.

Assuming you really want to get it right, and that you want to build the ultimate sale machine inside your business, you must embrace the idea that you are a marketer in the business of whatever it is you’re doing. Not the other way around. Once there, the next step is to embrace the complexity of creating a system from which you can derive a steady stream of leads and new business as well as cultivate more business from existing customers, generate referrals, constantly obtain good reviews and success stories, and so on.

Feeling overwhelmed by all this?

That’s OK.

Start telling stories. As pointed out in the article, marketing at its core is really about stories. About seeing stuff, writing it down, and then sharing it in ways that are compelling, interesting, and prone to stir emotions and drive people to the actions that you desire.

So, if you’re in need of something today that will ground you in the ultimate truth that simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication, tell me a story. If it’s a good one, I’m always ready to listen.


Our democracy is like the steel of a sword. The more you temper it, the stronger it becomes…

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This is a beautiful message from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Personal. Heartfelt. A powerful example of how eloquent and personal story-telling can produce a truly moving message.