You don’t have time for exercise?

produced by john c ashworth

It’s on of the most commone excuses…

“I don’t have time for exercise.”

I understand. I get it. We are all busy. But ultimately, it’s a choice. The sooner you admit that, the sooner you will be on the road to unleashing your inner bohemian athlete.


You don’t have time for exercise?

john c ashworth out on his front porch on a beautiful October morning getting it done!

Stop avoiding the challenge in front of you and take action

Stop wishing start doing

written by john c ashworth

I think the hardest thing about the Stop Wishing Start Doing mantra that surfaced in my workshop yesterday is that when you really decide to take action on something that’s important or challenging for you, that’s it. Now you just might fail. You have to be OK with that idea. Not OK with the failing, because you can’t let it crush you when it happens. And you can’t allow it to prevent you from starting. Failure will happen. Not all the time. But certainly along the way to getting better – becoming a champion.

That’s why so few take the leap. Comfortable inside the tent, nestled in their sleeping bag, they can avoid the challenges awaiting them for quite a long time. Eventually, though, the bear that is feeding on the food your left out last night will finish those morsels and come looking for you inside the tent. Worse, you’ll live in fear wondeing if it’s ever safe to venture outside again.

Others avoid the leap because they can’t find the courage to wander out and face the bear. They don’t believe they can tame it, and avoid the idea altogether after awhile.

Embrace your fear. Take action. Gather experience and intelligence. Keep Going.

Stop Wishing. Start Doing…

Thanks for reading.


What is life asking from you?

airmen graduation 1 072221

written by john c ashworth

airmen graduate carl ashworth and john c ashworth July 2021
john c ashworth and Carl Ashworth following Airmen graduation in July 2021

People on the road to Inner Light Do NOT find their vocations by asking, “what do I want from life?”

Instead they ask…

“What is life asking from me?  
..and how can I match my intrinsic talents with the ones the world needs?”

YOU are an inspiration to those you serve and I am honored and grateful for your interest and support of my work here on the ash flash.

Keep up the great work!


The 3 MOST important benefits an expert fitness coach can provide for YOU and YOUR health and fitness program

produced by john c ashworth

The 3 most important things your expert fitness coach can provide for you.
  1. Accountability
  2. Expert Guidance &
  3. Support

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