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The great re-shuffle and your opportunity to differentiate your business

produced by john c ashworth Every time you talk to a customer, you have an opportunity to serve your customers and differentiate your business. Every single time. Are you honoring the gravity of this reality? -John

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Do you have a happiness guarantee?

written by john c ashworth Over Christmas in 2019 I purchased my very first pair of Bombas socks. Bombas is the company that donates a pair of socks for every pair you buy. Pretty cool concept and aided by the Shark Tank, of course 🙂 When the package arrived, I hung on to it for…

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Attention: Salespeople! Stay focused on your primary objective. You remember it, right?

Salespeople…Stay focused on your primary objective. You remember it, right? written by john c ashworth Right. Selling and sales. Because on any given day there are a million and one things that have the potential to distract you from this one very important objective. Selling. EVERYTHING you’re doing is in one of two categories. EVERYTHING…

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Do you have a customer re-activation campaign in place? Here’s why you should…

written by john c ashworth Do you have a customer reactivation campaign in place? I’m assuming you don’t, because most small businesses tend to ignore this idea. Don’t be like everyone else. It’s time you put one in place. In fact, I consider this one of your marketing staples. Here’s why… Because just like so…

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The Rewards of Being a Salesman

Here’s what being a salesman means to me – Part 2 Click here for part 1 of this series written by john c ashworth One of the things I really love about being a salesperson is all the people time. All the connection. All of the potential that each new contact holds. For sales. For…

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I would come from 300 miles AWAY any time to buy a car from John Ashworth

Dear Mr. Anderson (Josh Anderson, Our Business Manager at Lexus of Madison), I just want to say “Thank You” to you, John Ashworth, and I believe his name was Todd Cadle for the friendly, professional service my wife and I received Saturday when we purchased the used 2009 Ford Taurus X Wagon. It was a…

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