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Thing are not always fair, so get to work!

written by john c ashworth Things are not always fair. So, get to work! And when work doesn’t go well or the way you want it to go, especially when you’re selling stuff, pick-up the pieces and get back to work. Call the next prospect. Send the next email. Do the next right thing and always keep present in…

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If it doesn’t sell, it’s worthless…

written by john c ashworth PT Barnum used to say, No one ever went broke over-estimating the ignorance of the American public. In other words, you have to be very careful with all your assumptions about what your prospects and customers know and understand about what you do, what you offer, and how you can…

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How to become a more engaging salesperson. Watch QVC!

produced by john c ashworth How to become a more engaging salesperson. Watch QVC! Click the image or view your video from John Ashworth here

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Learn how to sell more persuasively using short passionate videos

produced by john c ashworth Click here to get amazing deals on Appsumo See the banner below for more information about Sendfox – if you want to simplify and focus your email marketing, use Sendfox. If you become a plus member, it’s included. Click the banner below. Learn how to sell in 2022 using more…

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The great re-shuffle and your opportunity to differentiate your business

produced by john c ashworth Every time you talk to a customer, you have an opportunity to serve your customers and differentiate your business. Every single time. Are you honoring the gravity of this reality? -John

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How to communicate more effectively on Linkedin & beyond…

produced by john c ashworth This podcast was inspired by a recent broadcast email from Linkedin. There are a few important lessons here about your on-going efforts to more effectively reach your prospects and customers on a more regular basis. -John 🙂 Click here to connect with me on Linkedin.

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How to create a sales funnel that actually works

written by john c ashworth As media costs continue to rise, we must become better and better at creating deeper and more effective content. Whether it be through video, blogs, or memes, if we want to cut through the noise and reach our audiences, we need to produce quality material that engages them on a…

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