[podcast] Fitness program Fast Results. How to Double YOUR Exercise Program Results in four simple steps

produced by john c ashworth There are four things standing between you and fitness program fast results. All of which are important, and especially when combined, have the potential to double, or even triple the results you’re currently getting from your current exercise program. Two of these four key actions have to do with your strength…

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[podcast] How to maintain a strong metabolism as you age.

produced by john c ashworth Book referenced for this podcast: Get Stronger, Feel Younger by Wayne Westcott, PhD & Gary Reinl Studies referenced in the podcast include: Basal metabolism and age of adult man. (Keys, et al, 1973) Prescribing physical activity: applying the ACSM protocols for exercise type, intensity, and duration across 3 training frequencies….

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[infographic] How to stay cool in HOT weather. Drink more water. Here’s how much…

created by john c ashworth It’s hot out out there. You can use this info graphic to keep track of how much fluid you need to be drinking and when. Click here for the infographic! -John

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I guarantee YOU, you’re NOT Stretching enough

written by john c ashworth People still come to me for fitness advice and conversation. I’m a full-time salesman and marketing maniac now, but for the first twenty-plus years of my career, I was a clinical exercise physiologist, personal trainer, health coach and fitness expert. Before that, I was an all-american soccer player and high-level…

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The most important part of your fitness program

written by john c ashworth The most important part of your fitness program As a former fitness coach and personal trainer and currently a fit, healthy fitness over 50 cadre member, people ask me from time to time what it is that I do to keep myself in shape.   My answer always begins with…

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Fitness over 50 – How to unlock the wisdom of your body at any age

Fitness over 50 takes a special blend of wisdom, expertise, and acceptance of certain realities.

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