…photographs from Wisconsin. Created and curated by john c ashworth. You may re-post with permission and credit to me here at The Ash Flash.

Photographs & Video of the Wisconsin River in Sauk City, Wisconsin

produced by john c ashworth Laura and I took a short trip to Sauk City, WI yesterday afternoon. I’m drawn to this river in mysterious ways… Thought you might enjoy some of the photographs and video I captured. -John

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Making Money is Art

“Making Money is Art. Working is Art. And good business is the best Art.” -Andy Warhol

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Don’t only practice your art. But force your way into its secrets. For it, and knowledge can raise men to the divine. -Beethoven

photograph by john c ashworth My father passed away three weeks ago. The shock of it is over. The work of finding my way back to my art has been elusive. Sometimes, though, it’s just a matter of opening an old notebook and combining some old treasure with a recent photograph like this one. In…

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