grief journal

Find your groove. Wisconsin Fishing with John C Ashworth during the summer of 2020…it’s been amazing so far!

produced by john c ashworth Simple spots from the shore on Lake Mendota in Madison WI have been producing nice fish thus far this summer…it’s been a good way to grieve. I lost my Dad about a month ago…. -John

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Don’t only practice your art. But force your way into its secrets. For it, and knowledge can raise men to the divine. -Beethoven

photograph by john c ashworth My father passed away three weeks ago. The shock of it is over. The work of finding my way back to my art has been elusive. Sometimes, though, it’s just a matter of opening an old notebook and combining some old treasure with a recent photograph like this one. In…

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There is a thief in our midst

There is a thief in our midst written by john c ashworth “What were you doing up there, Dad?” His daughter asked quizzically, as she ran through her bedside checklist. A checklist well honed after almost thirty years of nursing. Trying hard not to blink. “I was looking at all the lights…” “I wanted to…

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YOU have something powerful to bring to the world

YOU have something powerful to bring to the world written by john c ashworth This morning I spent some time looking through notable deaths for 2019 inside the New York Times obituary section of the newspaper. I do this kind of thing a lot more now because I’m getting a little older myself, I lost…

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The only cure for grief is to grieve…

john c ashworth There really is no cure for grief. Only the journey, and your willingness to stay open and present and participate and honor that which comes to you during this time.

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People die and it’s part of life…

written by john c ashworth People Die and it’s part of life and it really hurts. Here’s the part that really starts to sink in after a few weeks of living without your loved one. There’s no second chance to say goodbye.  To connect.  To relish in the sloppiness that often accompanies our lives and…

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