This is One Obituary YOU Should Ignore

written by john c ashworth

The death of direct-mail, print advertising, and long sales copy is continually exaggerated. Most likely by the same folks who walk around with their foreheads pointed toward the ground, thumbing through a constant stream of non-sense on their phones. Completely numb and getting dumber by the minute.

As per Dan Kennedy's No BS Newsletter in February 2019, over 14.5-BILLION spam/junk emails are sent everyday. This is in spite of all the efforts of server companies, platforms, and governments to curtail them. They just keep comin'

Click-through rates keep collapsing.

MailChimp puts the high at 6 clicks per 1,000 emails. In other words, 1-MILLION to get 6,000!* And, for those who do click through, according to HubSpot, 55% who visit a website arrive and exit within 15 SECONDS.

HubSpot also reports on something know as "banner ad blindness,” meaning most people ignore your banner ads almost immediately and learn how to simply look right past them and focus their intent on what's really important to them.

All of which, drags common response rates down to fractions of 1%.

My point?

For any product or service, if you will let an expert direct-response copywriter mail one million letters, I'll bet you $1-Million that you won't get less than 6,000 responses.

Yes, I realize, you probably don't have the money right now to mail $1-Million things but when you create a marketing asset through direct-mail that can produce a positive return on your investment each and every time, you should be sending as many as you can. Because when it's done right, it's powerful and a lot more effective than trying to keep your email out of the junk mail folder, and even if you can...getting people to actually read it.*


*There are still plenty of ways to be very effective with email; and once again, an expert copywriter can help you craft campaigns and emails that can achieve much higher response rates than you're getting right now. The problem is that it's not very easy, it takes a lot of time and expertise, and you can't expect to just jump-in to your email program, slap some words onto the screen, send it out, and expect a rush of money into your bank account. There is oh so much more to it than that.

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John Ashworth is an empathetic sales leader with an incredibly diverse background as a salesman, business consultant, marketing maniac, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

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