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Lose weight. Get Fit. Write amazing emails & take the resistance out of selling.

produced by john c ashworth I have 3 FREE books to share with you today. I wrote ALL of them. Watch this short video for details… Click the image or view your video from John Ashworth here

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This is One Obituary YOU Should Ignore

written by john c ashworth The death of direct-mail, print advertising, and long sales copy is continually exaggerated. Most likely by the same folks who walk around with their foreheads pointed toward the ground, thumbing through a constant stream of non-sense on their phones. Completely numb and getting dumber by the minute. As per Dan…

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Sometimes, prospects really do need to think it over before they buy

written by john c ashworth The car business is famous for its blind acceptance of this false premise… “The Be-Back Bus NEVER comes back.” In other words, if the potential car-buyer sitting in front of you right now does not buy right now, you can forget it. They’ll never be-back. No matter what they say….

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email is NOT DEAD. College is NOT required…and everyone is lying to YOU about success.

Email is NOT Dead. College is NOT required. And EVERYONE is lying to you about success. written by john c ashworth My son Carl was bemoaning his boredom at work this week during dinner last night. A common complaint when summer starts, his hours increase, and the realities that come with the working life begin…

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