Cross training workouts will keep your heart rate up

produced by john c ashworth

The image below contains the full workout here. A cross training type workout that will help keep your heart rate up and accomplish two things at once. A little strngth training along with aerobic training for your heart.

cross training workouts 1
Whiteboard workout #107
created by john c ashworth

Cross training workouts will keep your heart rate up this winter

workout cerated and produced by john c ashworth

Here on the ash flash where we are constantly cultivating the slight edge I create and share workouts like cross training workouts with a little super setting like this one that help you be more efficient in the gym. I want you to get the most out of the time you spend in the gym - your home gym or the regular gym and cross training workouts like this one will definitely help prevent you wasting too much time.

The key to maining your fitness program in 2022 is the same as in any other year...


And you promote consistency by keeping things simple and keep workouts like this cross training workout to just 30 minutes.

You should be able to follow along with this video to get a pretty good workout without having to pause or wait.

Have fun!


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PPS I apologize for all the breathing noise on this video. I'm still experimenting for the best sound options down here.

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