How to increase YOUR worth exponentially in 2019

written by john c ashworth

The same opportunity exists in every business or professional practice or in growing some part of a larger company if that's where you sit. You can choose to limit your worth and the worth of those you touch by continuing to sit still, or you can focus on expanding your worth by taking action. The kind of action that significantly expands your knowledge, expertise, and as a direct extension, the coaching and consulting you provide inside your area of influence. This is the ONLY way you will stay relevant in a world that is changing and developing so quickly. There is no EASY path. Just the hard one. Time to get to work.

You will hear a lot in the coming weeks about all the things you can do to make 2019 your best year ever, along with all of the other things you can do to ensure you stick to and achieve all of those goals and resolutions you've set. A couple more weeks after that, you will hear about how most have long recovered from the hangover of the holiday season and the new year and have decided to move on regardless of their progress toward things that seemed more important when everyone else was talking about them.

The truly successful don't need a new year to take action. They're taking action every minute of the day on something that matters. Yes, for sure, take some time to reflect and re-set. There is great usefulness in taking time for all that perspective. The important point here is that, especially if you're a small business owner competing directly in the new commercial jungle that companies like Amazon will dominate, you MUST continue to develop and prove your worth to customers by being a true expert. By representing an alternative, that while more costly, is worth every penny and more.

Go get em'


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John Ashworth is a salesman, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

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