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Welcome to the tips for success hub on TheJohnAshworthblog.  This is where Johnny Renaissance himself shares success tips on sales, marketing, life, and business.

Serve. Don’t sell. Secrets to doubling your sales.

produced by john c ashworth In addition to the full audio, I have the first 10-minutes of this podcast on video below too if you’re interested. I’ve been doing some great reading recently and for this podcast I went back to some of my recent notes and pulled together some really great stuff on the…

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How to differentiate your privately-owned funeral home

podcast produced by john c ashworth Listen to the podcast below for one really good way to differentiate your locally owned funeral home. There are many things you can do with your funeral home website and online presence to capture your story and position yourself in unique ways. In this podcast I share a funeral…

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Motivation for writers who need more permission to love their work

written by john c ashworth Here’s some quick writer motivation for you. Motivation for writers can come in many different forms. Originally, I found my own with just the right amount of empathy and unconditional permission from a true angle early in my career as a college student. You have my permission to write… I…

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How to make your mark as a writer

written by john c ashworth I’ve been reading, “On writing well” by William Zinsser. A really terrific book. And it’s hard to write a good book on writing. Here is one of the gems I discovered this morning… You’ll never make your mark as a writer unless you develop a respect for words and a…

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Why even just one exercise session is good for you

produced by john c ashworth It’s amazing what one exercise session can do for you and your physiology. Come on, time to go get it done!

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Patience is concentrated strength

produced by john c ashworth This seemed like a good post to start the 2021 year. Not exactly the first post. I posted a quick workout for you yesterday. But a good theme for all of us as we head toward the anniversary for the pandemic and we all begin the work of re-setting our…

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