The fastest way to multiply cash-flow – part 1

written by john c ashworth

I know. I used the word cash and funeral in the same sentence but it's OK, trust me. and the picture of money in the background? don't let it get you worked-up. it's just for show.

do i have your attention? this is important.

cash flow inside your small business is EVERYTHING!

The most interesting entrepreneurs to me are the ones who create their own capital from sales of pre-paid goods or services. The same way i used to do it in my personal training and health coaching business back in the mid-to-late 2000s.

the same thing YOU can do selling pre-need inside your funeral business too.

Bob Stupak built the Stratosphere in Las Vegas this way.

If you know Vegas, you know the Stratosphere (pictured below). And even if you don't know Vegas, it's a good bet you've seen or heard about the stratosphere, especially the crazy rides at the very top. One of which now allows you to jump right off the building. Um, thank you but i'll pass. I've done all the others, but never again and not this one for sure 邏.

What most don't know is the story of Bob Stupak and how his original casino, Vegas World, evolved into the Stratosphere; and how this maverick marketer built an empire without ever going into debt.

In the spirit of the upcoming National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) conference 2023 in Las Vegas, I thought it would be fun and informative to dig in to this story and reveal the jackpot of wealth-producing insights that it reveals.

Stay tuned to linkedin and right here on the ash flash for the stories and insights included in the life and legend of Bob Stupak, Vegas World, and the Stratosphere.


PS I didn't forget about the cash flow part. The best way to improve cash flow in any business including a funeral business is to sell pre-paid services like personal training, vacation or restaurant packages or pre-need funeral services. In my next post, I'm going to share the details about how Bob Stupak used this concept to build and pay for the Stratosphere in CASH! stay tuned, and thanks for being here...

PPS In case you're interested, here are a few different versions of Bob Stupak's obituary. My favorite is the first one... - i mean, 'brash huckster and visionary?' that's some bold copywriting for an obituary and also interesting how one of the smartest marketers in Vegas of all time gets labled as a 'huckster?' the perils of being of a kind indeed!!

Same Obituary with a different headline...just for a little extra copywriting lesson 邏

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