do you have an irrisistible offer? cash flow clinic – part 2

written by john c ashworth

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Does your funeral home or small business have a truly incredible and irrisistible offer or offers?  

Does your funeral home or small business have a truly incredible and irrisistible offer or offers? 

here’s how you can frame your assessment…

does your offer get me to choose your solution over any other solution in the marketplace including my potential decision to do absolutely nothing?

probably not…

Most small businesses need a lot of work on this, but once you hit on one it can be a real boon for your business.

Most in the funeral profession will dismiss this idea as not appropriate for their business.  One of the worst assumptions you can ever make.  Because it will limit you in so many ways…and even though we do need to be more careful and cautious around a sensitive service, there are still ways to craft offers that are respectul and irrisistible.

A truly irresistible offer crafted in the right way and made to the right group of prospects will transform your business; and while you might offend a few people along the way, that’s actually the point.  You can't work with everyone. And you absolutely can't allow one or two very loud and negative voices speak for you and your business and the 98% of families who do want to hear from you.

Bob Stupak, legendary Las Vegas Marketer and entrepreneur, built the Vegas World Hotel & Casino - Now the Stratosphere.  He did it from the ground up, paying for construction on each floor as money came in from his sale of pre-paid vacation packages.  And he did it while literally EVERYONE else in his industry wrote him off and accused him of being an idiot.  This happens a lot to the refined genius.

As Dan Kennedy put it in his book, No BS Success in the New Economy, ‘he turned an intangible into a tangible product that could be sold and collected far in advance of it’s use, and used it to build the hotel itself - and without a dime of debt in construction loans.’

Dan goes on to point out that far too many of us are stopped in our tracks by a lack of cash flow and capital, when in fact just a little ingenuity and creativity and good ‘outside-the-box’ thinking would allow us to go beyond the commonplace.

That’s what Bob did and I’m covering that story right here on the ash flash and in the spirit of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) meeting in Las Vegas next week.

Funeral Homes have this same opportunity inside their businesses through some or all of the methods I am detailing in this series to multiply and maximize your business’ cash flow, and give yourself EVERY opportunity to WIN BIG!

Most will ignore or dismiss this idea.

That’s OK, because if YOU’re still here, that means YOU have an incredible opportunity to leap ahead of your competition with this kind of forward thinking.

Here is the incredible offer Bob Stupak crafted.  Once you’ve read and truly digested this idea, I encourage you to take some time to consider how you can create your own irresistible offer or offers.  And before you dismiss this ideas as something that can’t work inside the funeral profession, once again, I encourage you to consider the fact that you are still selling to the same humans Bob Stupak was selling to.  You just have different stuff to offer.  And your stuff is actually quite a lot more valuable to your families and communities than a vacation package in Las Vegas.

I look forward to hearing more about the offers you come up with and if you’re looking for some help and guidance in this process, that’s what I’m here for, my brothers and sisters.

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Here’s Bob Stupak’s Offer

“For only $198 per person OR $396 per couple, I’ll put you in a luxurious minisuite in an exciting Las Vegas Hotel, right on the famous strip…give you tickets to a show with famous entertainers…put a chilled bottle of champaign in your room…let you drink as much of whatever you want.  whether you’re at the gambling tables, playing the slots, or in one of the lounges…hand you $1,000 of my money to gamble with…let you keep all your winnings…and, as a bonus, gurantee you’ll at least win either a TV or a fauk-diamond ring.  Obviously, I’m not going to give this incredible deal to everybody in the whole world.  There can only be a small number of these vacation packages available, first come, first served, and the race is on.”

Bob Stupak - Vegas World!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with 🤓


PS In part 3 of this series coming-up next I will write more about how I think you can apply this idea to your funeral business; and about how you can use pre-need funeral services to jump-start your business cash flow, claim your market share, and prevent your competitors from beating you to this jackpot.

Remember, when you can come up with an offer that is irresistible you are really on to something!  And that’s because marketing is really about motivating people to take action on something that they would unlikely decide to do on their own initiative.

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John Ashworth is an empathetic sales leader with an incredibly diverse background as a salesman, business consultant, marketing maniac, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

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