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a sneak peek into the ash flash workshop for 2023!

produced by john c ashworth

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Life is not always fair, so get to work!

written by john c ashworth Things are not always fair. So, get to work! And when work doesn’t go well or the way you want it to go, especially when you’re selling stuff, pick-up the pieces and get back to work. Call the next prospect. Send the next email. Do the next right thing and always keep present in…

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How to show-off your personality for more sales

written by john c ashworth Personality sells.   For these 4 reasons and a whole lot more… It creates an emotional connection.  At the point of entry into your company as a customer or prospect, emotional connections are are either created or destroyed.  Interested buyers are either cultivated or repelled and much of this is…

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How to do MORE constructive thinking in one afternoon than most people do during a lifetime

written by john c ashworth Are you stuck? Are you struggling? Are you feeling like no matter what you do, the results you desire just won’t come? Spend a couple hours this afternoon, or as soon as you can getting cozy with the following exercise. Spend some serious time answering the following set of questions…

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If it doesn’t sell, it’s worthless…

written by john c ashworth PT Barnum used to say, No one ever went broke over-estimating the ignorance of the American public. In other words, you have to be very careful with all your assumptions about what your prospects and customers know and understand about what you do, what you offer, and how you can…

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I love the things you say…

written by john c ashworth “You have it too.” He said. And, of course, I know this very well but it was nice to hear from someone I respect. Someone who has done things. Accomplished things. Been where I have been and had more success. Someone with a lot of heart and a lot of…

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