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Relying on cliches is an easy way out, and unfair to your audience

produced by john c ashworth Do the work. Stop relying on cliches. They are a lazy way out and an unfair annoyance to your audience. Say what you mean. Speak from your heart. Unleash your passions.

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Cultivating the slight edge on a Sunday Morning

produced by john c ashworth Here on the ash flash, we’re always cultivating the slight edge for your massive success. You just never know when you’re going to discover something here that will change the trajectory of your life, butiness and career in amazing ways. First though, you must cultivate the discipline necessary to get…

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Serve. Don’t sell. Secrets to doubling your sales.

produced by john c ashworth In addition to the full audio, I have the first 10-minutes of this podcast on video below too if you’re interested. I’ve been doing some great reading recently and for this podcast I went back to some of my recent notes and pulled together some really great stuff on the…

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How to sell anything to anybody and take all the resistance out of selling every time

written by john c ashworth I wrote this e-book in conjunction with a talk I gave at the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association conference in January 2022. Due to Omicron, I gave the talk virtually, and in the process of putting this resource together for funeral homes and funeral directors, I ended up with…

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Cross training workouts will keep your heart rate up

produced by john c ashworth The image below contains the full workout here. A cross training type workout that will help keep your heart rate up and accomplish two things at once. A little strngth training along with aerobic training for your heart. Cross training workouts will keep your heart rate up this winter Here…

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How to keep your audio and video setup simple. A sneak peak into the creative flow of johnny renaissance.

produced by john c ashworth As we head into 2022, I’m spending a good part of the remainder of the year clearing out and making room for growth. I started out on this cold Sunday morning one way, and then my creative mojo took over and sent me in a different way. Along the way,…

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Why is strength training so important

produced by john c ashworth If you are wondering why strength training is so important, especially when you’re over 50, watch this 3-minute video. It’s a short story about how important strength training is to me and how and why I spend so much time each and every day working to maintain my body so…

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