Stop aiming for perfection and start focusing on How to Rock the crowd. What Shaquille O’ Neal can teach you about How to Become Irresistible.

written by john c ashworth

"I'm not trying to be the best DJ.  All I want to do is rock the crowd."  -Shaquille O'Neal

I think we can all agree that 'The Shaq' is a compelling character.  And in fact if you want a glimpse of this on any given day during the NBA season, you can tune in to "Inside the NBA on TNT."

This happens to be the ONLY sports commentary team anywhere that I'm willing to watch and a lot of that has to do with the unique and compelling character that Shaquille O'Neal has become.  It also doesn't hurt that the Milwaukee Bucks are unstoppable right now 🙂

One of the things I love most about Shaq, is that he can come across as very unassuming and then just at the right moment, deliver the humor, the expertise, the keen and unmatched insight; and the unpredictable in ways that are both completely entertaining and incredibly informative at the same time.  He is a true expert.  And he is a true character.  He makes me feel good.

What I love about the quote above is that in spite of his stardom he makes no attempt to cater to everyone.  Not everyone will be a fan, after all.  That's how it works.  
Instead, he remains true to himself and that which he knows well and that interests him; and that he can elaborate on with a graceful authority that slowly draws you in until you can't quite explain why you're there, and then why you can't seem to get enough.

Stop trying to attract a new crowd and focus on the one you got and get busy rockin' them with your unique personality and your incredibly useful, valuable and unmatched skills, expertise and talents.  Your house list is a great place to start.

When you do this right as a small business owner, the affect is awfully powerful.  You have a true opportunity to really help and inspire people, but it's a whole lot harder when you try and take on the incredible responsibility of trying to be the best instead of just focusing on rocking the crowd every time you perform.  I know that on any given day this is easy to forget. Stop selling yourself short.

Who knows, maybe you'll have your own show one day too.

I'll be watching for you 🙂


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PPS It is also a very useful exercise to take a very close look at how Shaq uses social media and his website to promote his personal brand.  He's been doing it a long, long time now.  I remember when he first started his twitter account probably more than ten years ago...

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John Ashworth is an empathetic sales leader with an incredibly diverse background as a salesman, business consultant, marketing maniac, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

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