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How to show up as your true self as a salesperson

Facebook Twitter Youtube created and produced by john c ashworth I mentioned my high school football coach in the intro, but then never got around to sharing that part of the story and it’s important… He used to say, “Go out and give it everything you have tonight and don’t worry about the scoreboard. The…

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Why this salesman gets better results working from home.

produced by john c ashworth I can still remember the day two year ago very clearly. A small group of us standing 6-feet apart at the front of the office, listening to the announcement that we would all be headed home for awhile. “I should probably take an inventory of what you decide to take…

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Want to sell MORE? Listen up…

procuded by john c ashworth If someone pinned me down and forced me to choose one trait that ALL salespeople should possess and master, this would be it… -John

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Relying on cliches is an easy way out, and unfair to your audience

produced by john c ashworth Do the work. Stop relying on cliches. They are a lazy way out and an unfair annoyance to your audience. Say what you mean. Speak from your heart. Unleash your passions.

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Cultivating the slight edge on a Sunday Morning

produced by john c ashworth Here on the ash flash, we’re always cultivating the slight edge for your massive success. You just never know when you’re going to discover something here that will change the trajectory of your life, butiness and career in amazing ways. First though, you must cultivate the discipline necessary to get…

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