Why this salesman gets better results working from home.

produced by john c ashworth

I can still remember the day two year ago very clearly. A small group of us standing 6-feet apart at the front of the office, listening to the announcement that we would all be headed home for awhile. "I should probably take an inventory of what you decide to take home." Our boss had said. "But I'm not going to worry about it too much. Of course, he was right not to get too caught-up in the details. Two years later, such a small and inconsequential decision seems silly, and it's been so long now, I had to upgrade all my computer equipment anyway.

I love working from home.

I've worked from home earlier in my career when I was running my own business.

There are certainly drawbacks and I do miss the comradery, collaboration, and connection that is fostered when colleagues are at the office together. But I certainly don't miss my rediculous cubicle, and the rediculous idea that each and every day at work, I'm going to somehow magically find my most productive time exactly between the hours of eight and five. That is a joke, man. A real joke. And void of the freedom to manage my energy level and my health on a daily basis inside an environment that I can control with precision, being stuck inside a cubicle at work had only been the beginning of my troubles.

How long can one play the game of pretending to be productive when what you really might need is a 20-minute power nap, or a workout like the one I performed on this particular day?


working at home is not for everyone. it doesn't work perfectly in every situation. but for this old-school salesman, there is no better way. watch this video for details. I closed two more deals after I finished this workout and video...
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