Car Buying Tips

Discover how you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your next car with this expert car buying help.

Protected: Did you get one of these letters recently from your local car dealer? Beware!

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Keys to a Great Car Deal – Part 4 – Be informed

written and produced by john c ashworth your expert car buyer The text below is not the exact written transcript of this audio, but it’s close. -John Keys to a great car deal – Part 4 – needs final edit. Be Informed – Do YOUR Research – Take advantage of John’s car-buying expertise In my…

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Beware of ‘The Bump’ when Buying Your Next Car! This mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.

produced by expert car buyer john c ashworth Inside the audio above, I get in to some numbers to compare a car deal where you’ve been bumped and then how much you can save (~$3,000) when you don’t allow yourself to be bumped.  These numbers are not EXACT! The numbers presented are NOT EXACT!  I’m…

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The Keys to a Great Car Deal – Part 3

written by john c ashworth Your Expert Car Buyer Be Flexible when shopping for a new or used car I mention often when I’m writing about car deals the importance of remembering that your car deal is a business transaction. That the car dealership selling you a car is a business and the sole purpose…

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Never do this when buying a car

a special audio report from expert car buyer john c ashworth Never Do This when Buying a car

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The KEYS to getting a Good Deal on YOUR next car – Part 1

The Keys to getting a good deal on your next car Part 1 Make sure you have the cash in hand. You need to be a legitimate buyer. And one of the keys to buying cheap is in your ability to write a check or get quick approval on a loan today! Not an hour…

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