10 Best Used Cars Under $5,000

See the article below for the 10 best used cars under $5K...

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Looking for an easy way to save money? 

Drive less car.

I was just having this discussion with a colleague the other day.

When I was in the car business, one of the things I learned was this...

If you can drive a car for less than $2,000 per year, you win!  Often, people will shy away from older used cars because they worry about repair bills and the reliability of this choice for their transportation.  Yes.  Reliability is important, but if you spend less than $2,000 per year overall, even if that means you have to buy tires, brakes, or otherwise spend a good chunk of money for some other type of repair, that's OK.  You still come out ahead.

I found this list this morning and thought I would share it, because it's a good list of great cars that when purchased right, and maintained properly, can save you a lot of money and still provide you the reliability you're looking for in a good used car.


Great news: you can shop for a car within a limited budget and get a solid used car for your money. While these cars skew a little older and may show some signs of wear, if you do your homework, you can find good, reliable transportation for under $5,000. Based on the research and recommendations of Kelley Blue Book’s editors, here are the 10 Best Used Cars under $5,000.

Source: 10 Best Used Cars Under $5,000 | Kelley Blue Book

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