Why your business needs a newsletter

written by john c ashworth

Below, I cover eight very good reasons your small business should have both a print and email newsletter that you send your customers and prospects in the mail at least once per month.

Most small business owners will object to this idea. Most often citing time and money as their top two reasons. I agree. Your printed newsletter will require significant time and money to generate a return on your investment. The good news is that a good print newsletter done in the right way will in fact product a positive return on your time and money spent, and could just be one of the most profitable and powerful marketing programs you put in place in your small business this year.

Most small business owners will short-sightedly look immediately at the cost to print and send such a newsletter and immediately decide the investment is not worth it. Or, they will cite their inability or desire to write and/or produce the necessary content each month for this effort.

This is very unfortunate, because while these two things represent probably the two biggest challenges and impediments to starting a regular newsletter, neither of them come close to justifying the opportunity you're missing by not connecting with your prospects and customers in this way.

Here are 9 Good why your business needs a newsletter. Reasons that will begin to help you understand just how potent this marketing strategy can be for your small business. As always, if you would like to discuss how I can help you implement one, you can contact me here.

  1. Newsletters double referrals - customers do need to be trained on how to make referrals to your business. You need a system for this and a newsletter is a great place to start, because people refer to businesses that they know, like and trust and that they care about. Your newsletter helps foster those connections and relationships with the people on your list and over time their affinity for you and your business will grow, making it more a more likely that they will refer others to your business. It should also be noted here, that a newsletter is a great place to start cultivating a culture of referrals because it's very easy for people to share it with someone else, or convince others they know to at least sign-up to receive your monthly musings.
  2. Newsletters can triple retention - Customers cost a lot to acquire, so keeping them as long as you can is very important. It's a lot less expensive to keep current customers than go out and find new ones. Customer retention is built on strong relationships with customers and once again, your newsletter can go a long way toward helping you do this because you can't be with everyone all the time.
  3. Newsletters allow you to tell your story - I talk about the importance of story a lot here on the ash flash. Good stories help build stronger relationships with your customers. Giving your customers a sincere peak into your life and business and what you believe in gives them more reasons to connect with you. More connection leads to more business and stronger relationships that last a lot longer.
  4. Newsletters help you find MORE new customers - when your newsletter is sent to prospects it grants you a real opportunity to build more trust over time. As they consume your content in this manner, their affinity for you grows and ultimately they will want to work with you.
  5. Newsletters are great for cross-selling and up-selling - The more touch pints you have with your customers and prospects, the more valued they feel, and the more you can build on that by offering them additional products and services to help them solve their problems. The trust you build along the way through a regular newsletter makes this strategy MORE and MORE powerful all the time.
  6. Newsletters keep you top of mind with your customers - one of the best means you have of acquiring new customers for less money is by generating more referrals. As stated earlier, your newsletter can help you do this and one of the many ways it accomplishes this important result is by keeping YOU and YOUR small business in front of your customers. The on-going top of mind awareness that a good newsletter cultivates will make it that much more likely someone remembers you and your business when someone they know has a need for what you do.
  7. Newsletters build your authority - good newsletter reinforce with your readers your expertise and celebrity status. Try not to stumble on the word 'celebrity' there. I'm sure you're thinking, "...but, John, I'm not famous." That's probably true, but when you begin communicating with your list in MORE effective ways, like sending a regular newsletter, you do in fact have an amazing opportunity to start positioning yourself as a celebrity and subject matter expert in your chosen field. It will happen. I guarantee it. Especially when you get this right. Which, of course I can help you with. Just send me a note if you're interested in discussing what a good email and print newsletter can do for your business.
  8. Newsletters are contagious - when your newsletter is really good, people will want to share it with others. They will also be far less likely to throw it away and will often leave it laying around on their dining room or kitchen tables until the next one arrives. Keeping you and your business right in front of them right inside two of the most intimate and private places where they spend time every day.

John Ashworth is a salesman, marketing expert and copywriter from Madison, WI. He is available as a consultant for your small business and can help you craft amazing newsletters that accomplish all that has been described above and MORE. If you're interested in speaking with John directly about how a newsletter can help your small business, you can submit this form and John will be in contact with you directly to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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John Ashworth is an empathetic sales leader with an incredibly diverse background as a salesman, business consultant, marketing maniac, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

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