Three Important Questions You Must Answer Every Time You Write

I'm half way through another great book and it's good
news for you. femcare


Because it's another book about writing, and every time
I read one of these books, my writing gets just a
little bit better. And better writing from me means
even better content for your fitness blog.

But only if you're a current subscriber the The content service. You can click
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In the mean time, I have one very important question
for you about how you're thinking when you put your
blog posts together...actually 3 questions...

Who cares?

So what?
And what's in it for me?

Writing is a personal craft that gets better with
practice and time spent working the system. As such,
as writers, we often get caught up in our own muse to
such a degree that we might forget who and what we are
writing for.

The above 3 qeustions are important considerations for
you every time you sit down to craft an article, blog
post, or email to your clients and prospective clients.

They are so important that I'm going to repeat them...

Who cares?
So What?
And what's in it for me?

Now, just so I'm setting a good example, I want make
sure that I've answered those questions for you today
in this email and blog post.

You're smart enough to know that fitness blogging is
important not only for your fitness business but for
your career advancement. So, hopefully you care about
this email and will take good advice when it is offered
and do what you need to with it.

What's in it for you is more business, career
advancement and the satisfaction that you are educating
others with your writing.

And remember, I know how time consuming this stuff is
and that's why I've created The FitnessProBlogger
content service
for you.

By no means should it replace your writing completely.
What it will do is provide you extra content for a very
small subscription fee.

You get a ton for only $37 per month. Think about how
much your time is worth and think about what might

happen in your business if you subscribed to this

service and spent a little more time on other business
building practices...

What might that do for you business in the long run?

Click this link for more information about The
FitnessProBlogger Content service. The database of
content is growing fast and as such I can't keep the
price this low forever.

Have a great week and don't forget those three
questions. They are important beyond your writing too.

Take care,

PS The book I'm reading is titled, "Hypnotic Writing:
How to Seduce and persuade customers with only your
words" by Joe Vitale. It's a terrific read if you have
the time and are interested.

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