A simple plan for increasing Sales in just about Any Business

written by john c ashworth

A simple plan for increasing Sales in just about ANY business

First, the premise of this idea canters on the fact that most businesses ignore their current customers while they go running around trying to find new ones.  The first sale is always the toughest, while your current customers already know you, like you and trust you and as such, are a lot more likely to buy from you again and again.  You can’t stop chasing new customers too, but please, don’t ignore your existing ones.  You are wasting opportunity to increase your sales.

Increase sales by communicating with your existing customers through sales letters. 

Develop and mail a new sales letter to ALL of your customers each and every month; and focus these sales letters on introducing a new product or service.

You don’t necessarily have to have new products and services to offer, but simply go through the list of your products and services and feature them in these sales letters in new, interesting and creative ways. If you want to get more sophisticated than this, you can also sort your customers lists so that you are only mailing new product information to customers who have not yet purchased that particular product.

Once you have this system in place, you should begin thinking a lot MORE about new products and services that you can create; and that you can sell to all of your existing customers.

Remember, they already know you, like you and trust you and will be much more receptive to your new products and services as a result.  That, combined with your regular sales letters and communication will continue to make them stickier and stickier and more and more valuable to you as customers inside your business.

Good luck!

Have fun!


PS  A regular printed newsletter that you can send to both prospects and customers is also a terrific way to cultivate your customer list, introduce new products, and keep everyone excited about what you’re doing and everything you have to offer.

[newsletter] Johnny T’s January 2015 Toyota Cars Newsletter

created and produced by john c ashworth, ma, ces
Sales Consultant @ Smart Motors of Madison  aka The Fitness Nomad

Welcome to JohnnyT’s January 2015 Toyota Cars Newsletter

Intro Music…

First of all, as always, thanks to those of you who bought cars in November and December!  I appreciate you.  This is NOT everyone, so if your photo is missing and you want to be featured, please give me a buzz.  And if you bought a car in January, you will see your photo here in next month’s issue.  This is a challenging process to keep up with, but I’ll do my best each month to feature everyone who bought a car!  -JohnnyT

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Here is the January 2015 Toyota Cars Newsletter Table of Contents

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[newsletter] Johnny T’s November Newseltter

created and produced by John Ashworth, aka “Johnny T”

My message of November Gratitude

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Here’s my November Newsletter Table of Contents!

**Special Report: An important personal message for ALL of YOU from Johnny T!
 -To be Released November 15th!

  1. [podcast] Obsessed or Dedicated?  Depends on your perspective…
  2. What in the world is making car dealerships so paranoid?
  3. [podcast] A very important story about the vital importance of taking care of YOU, my customer.
  4. Checkout the NEW Scion FRS Release Series I
  5. [fitness friday] 5 Ways to Boost Your Heart Rate with ease and effectiveness at Work!
  6. Why I LOVE Toyota’s Smart Key System
  7. The Top 10 Reasons Toyota Tundra is Best of World

[newsletter] The October Johnny T Newsletter – Happy Halloween!


newsletter created and produced by john c ashworth, ma


Scion FRS
The new 2015 Scion FRS in a sweet yellow!

Table of Contents

“It’s a good one this month…Let me know what you think and Enjoy!”  (Send YOUR comments to: jashworth(at)smartmotors.com)

[newsletter] The September Johnny Toyota Newsletter

Welcome to the Toyota Cars JohnnyT September 2015 Newsletter
created and produced by john c ashworth, ma, cscs

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Table of Contents


[newsletter] From the desk of Johnny Toyota – August 2014

created, written, and produced by
john c ashworth, ma

John Ashworth, pictured with well known Hybrid Expert and fellow West Morland neighbor, John Dolan.

Wednesday, August 7th, 2014

From the Desk of Johnny Toyota…

Yes!  I have some momentum going now.  Four months in to the “Car Business” and every day that goes by I have that much more to share with you all the time.

This month, I have some really cool stuff, but first, I want to comment on why I placed “Car Business” above in quotation marks.  First, that’s what everyone around here calls it all the time.  In spite of the fact that I’ve also heard on more than one occasion that this is really a “People” business.  This is a statement I agree with, but that I believe needs some refinement over time, because there is so much more than meets the eye in this work.

The bottom line, of course, is that you’re likely here because you’re in need of a new car at the best price, and for the least amount of haggling and headache.  So let’s get to the beef.

Before I go though, be sure to take note of my new podcast.  You can find a link to archived episodes by clicking the podcast logo in the header of this site, or by searching for “Johnny Toyota” on iTunes.


Here is the table of contents for the August edition of The Johnny Toyota Newsletter:

[newsletter] From the news desk of Johnny Toyota :) June 2014

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  As you know I am now selling Toyotas for Smart Motors of Madison, WI.  I’m having a great time and this is my first installment from the desk of Johnny Toyota 🙂

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your interest!


From the desk of Johnny Toyota on 6/10/2014…