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I discovered this article while reading The Washington Post.  Some really great advice here.  Also, some really fantastic writing and as an added benefit I added about two dozen great words to my 2019 word list.  I've been keeping a special notebook for these and will craft something special toward the end of the year on this subject 🙂

It might not feel like Spring today here in Wisconsin.  It certainly didn't yesterday with all that darn snow coming down.  Frustrating.  But it is here and it's always a great opportunity to discover new found clarity.  No better way to do that than with some good cleaning and tidying.

All of which reminds me of one my favorite topics inside the book, The Portable Coach, 28 Surefire Strategies for business and personal success.

"Perfect Your Environment"

Reasoning is a hallmark of our species, but we’re forgetting how to do it. Magical thinking is a bad habit we need to break. We are not owed our own reality. Nature doesn’t care about politics. Jupiter doesn’t determine your character; you do. If you want to be influenced by the stars, buy a telescope.

Source: Spring Cleaning 2019: Eight things to toss - The Washington Post

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