Pre strength and growth workout #4 with demonstration of power hooks for better back exercise

produced by john c ashworth

Pre strength and growth workout #4 with metabolic circuit for added cardiovascular exercise

Yes! It's summer time and I'm not spending as much time publishing to the ash flash here. But that doesn't mean I'm still not working out, creating, and thinking of all of you.

Try this workout any time, but as I describe in the video, this fits into the pre strength and growth phase of my fitness nomad fit for life training program. Subscribe today to get the entire system as it's released here on the ash flash.

Pay attention...there are some great lessons in this video.

Have fun and don't be a hero. Work hard and sty within yourself.

fit yet?


PS The hooks I demonstrate in this video during bent over rows are an amazing way to get a better, more focused and energized pull for your back. Remember, back control and strength is a foundation point in your fitness program.

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