More than in other cities, Philadelphia families resort to crowdfunding for funeral costs

This is a great article about the prominence of crowdfunding campaigns for funerals in Philadelphia.  If you are a funeral home in Philadelphia and you are running the Frazer web site platform, you have crowdfunding built right in to your web site.  One of the big benefits of this is the fact that you don't have to worry about getting paid once the campaign is over.  The contributions flow directly to you.  This also gives you added control and combined with our obituary platform, increases the potential for every funeral crowdfunding campaign you run.  This is good for both the funeral home and their client families.


In general, the Philadelphia Funeral Directors Association doesn’t recommend people use crowdfunding sites to pay for funerals, per Eirkson: “On a high level, there have been concerns.” Eirkson worries people will book expensive funerals dependent on the goal listed on their crowdfunding pages, and then they won’t actually raise enough money to cover the costs. Even if the money does come through, what if the recipient never ends up forwarding it to the funeral director? If you must use a crowdfunding site, Eirkson said, he recommends you discuss your options with your funeral director directly.

Source: More than in other cities, Philly families resort to crowdfunding for funeral costs

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