How to show-off your personality for more sales

written by john c ashworth

Personality sells.  

For these 4 reasons and a whole lot more…

  1. It creates an emotional connection.  At the point of entry into your company as a customer or prospect, emotional connections are are either created or destroyed.  Interested buyers are either cultivated or repelled and much of this is ignited and then propagated with your ability to establish and then nurture an emotional connection that fosters more engagement with your messaging and your pitch. Build this idea into every single thing you do. Including small things like your email signature. Your voicemail message, and your sales presentations. Let your personality sing!
  2. Your personality attracts new customers, because it’s magnetic.  How can you work to become an influencer inside your niche? How can you gain more exposure? How can you put your personality on parade? Find out where your prospects and customers are hanging out and go communicate and share cool stuff with them.
  3. Your personality boasts retention and referral opportunities - the fastest way to grow your business right now is to prevent customer churn, sell more to your existing customers, and earn more referrals.  What can you create next that will benefit your customer base and help build loyalty and a cultivated willingness to invest in and then promote your service to others?
  4. Your personality makes your mistakes forgivable. I love this one, because it simply makes you human. No one is perfect and you shouldn’t be expected to be either.  You should over deliver as much of the time as possible, and then be real with people, prospects and customers when you make a mistake we can all learn from. Be real. 

    In most organizations, your salespeople are those with the strongest relationships with customers, because these folks spend a lot of time engaging with your prospects and building relationships with their personalities at the foundation of all their work.

    How can you step-up and support your sales team in this effort? How might you leverage this opportunity?

    I have one idea for you right now about how to make a great start in all of this? Justy ask your salespeople and sales managers how you can support them.

About the Author
John Ashworth is an empathetic sales leader with an incredibly diverse background as a salesman, business consultant, marketing maniac, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

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