How to cultivate craftsmanship and discover your passion along the way

written by john c ashworth

You’ve heard the expression...

Follow your passion and the money will follow.

Passion is not enough. Nor is it often readily available at the outset of your journey. That’s a lot of pressure. We must commit to doing the work first, sometimes for many many years. Getting so good at it that the value of what we offer becomes exponentially more interesting and profitable and passionate.

So, maybe we should alter that phrase a bit. It’s a cliche at this point anyway...

Do the work. All the hard and unforgiving work for as long as it takes and with as much intention and patience as possible. Whatever it takes. Approach it like a true craftsman. Carving every perfect angle and connection. Cultivate a passion for the process and the journey. The discipline and solitude that it truly takes to become a master. Abundance will follow.


About the Author
John Ashworth is an empathetic sales leader with an incredibly diverse background as a salesman, business consultant, marketing maniac, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

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