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John Ashworth is a salesman, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

Is your business doomed to fail because of this?

written by john c ashworth Sales and marketing are two of the most important components of any business. Void of strong selling systems, a business will quickly suffer and fail. The problem is that many businesses feel timid when it comes to selling and being more assertive when trying to drive business growth. Often this…

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How to show up as your true self as a salesperson

Facebook Twitter Youtube created and produced by john c ashworth I mentioned my high school football coach in the intro, but then never got around to sharing that part of the story and it’s important… He used to say, “Go out and give it everything you have tonight and don’t worry about the scoreboard. The…

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Stop making important business decisions with blinders on

written by john c ashworth I just read a story about erosion in the outer banks, and there is a business lesson embedded that I want to share with you. You really shouldn’t make decisions with blinders on. Hope and faith are not a strategy for success… Since 2007, the Outer Banks have lost more…

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How to create a sales funnel that actually works

written by john c ashworth As media costs continue to rise, we must become better and better at creating deeper and more effective content. Whether it be through video, blogs, or memes, if we want to cut through the noise and reach our audiences, we need to produce quality material that engages them on a…

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How to write a cold email that gets a response and doesn’t irritate people like this one did

written and produced by john c ashworth How to write a cold email that gets a response and doesn’t irritate people like this one did… The cold email is a great way to get your name out there but it can be time consuming and ineffective. I know you can do better. And I know…

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No amount of advertising can solve this often hidden problem…

by john c ashworth No matter the level of creativity, the amount, or even the overall effectivnes of your advertising…none of it will solve the problem of being forced to overcome a product or experience that is disappointing, frustrating, or even misleading for your customers and clients. This reminds me of the tiny little shit…

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How to keep your video lighting simple & still look good!

produced by john c ashworth Just a few quick tips about how to enhance your video lighting in very simple ways… And here are a couple of links you can use for special pricing on the video tool I mentioned in this video and that I highly recommend video tool – CoVideo Have fun! -John

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