Month: January 2015

[success story] A 5 Star Review from Bonnie!

Click this image to read the review… Click here to write your own Google Review Watch Bonnie Hit the Gong to celebrate her new Toyota Camry!

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Fitness Friday – How to make exercise a habit.

written by john c ashworth How to Make Exercise a Habit We are half way through January. Are you fit yet? Have you made any progress on all those aggressive new year fitness program goals you set for yourself? Or, maybe a better question would be this… “Are you aware of the progress you’ve made?…

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The Brilliance of Jerry Seinfeld

written by john c ashworth I had the privilege and the honor last night to see Jerry Seinfeld perform at Overture Hall here in Madison, WI.  After years of watching the first runs, and now the re-runs with my kids of his hit show, I must say I was gushing.  I laughed harder and longer…

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[newsletter] Johnny T’s January 2015 Toyota Cars Newsletter

created and produced by john c ashworth, ma, ces Sales Consultant @ Smart Motors of Madison  aka The Fitness Nomad Welcome to JohnnyT’s January 2015 Toyota Cars Newsletter Intro Music… First of all, as always, thanks to those of you who bought cars in November and December!  I appreciate you.  This is NOT everyone, so…

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World War II Veteran Bill Schuler with his Wife Nancy and their new Prius C

Bill and Nancy stopped by the dealership in late December to lease a brand new Toyota Prius C. They said they have had a lot of red cars in their day, and took advantage of this one, which was perched right on the showroom floor. “Bill is a really terrific driver.” Nancy said to me…

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[fitness friday] 5 Tips for your New Year Fitness Program

Here are my 5 tips for making your new year fitness program stick this year! John Ashworth, MA, CES The Fitness Nomad Here are my top 5 tips for your new year fitness program. I will present these in-person and live with Leigh Mills on NBC15 this evening. Back away from the cardiovascular exercise.  We…

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