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[fitness friday] 5 Reasons Golf is more Exercise than YOU think…even when you use a golf cart!

written by john c ashworth, ma Whether you ride in a golf cart of not, the game is full of walking.  But it’s not just the walking that makes golf both great exercise and a fantastic lifetime sport.  The game is full of athletic moves, and full of opportunities to improve your strength, balance, and…

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Another 5-Star Cars.com Review – Thanks Kim! Enjoy your new Lexus GS 350!

Write your review on Cars.com for John Ashworth – Click Here!!! Sent: Friday, February 05, 2016 9:24 AM Subject: Lexus of Madison has received a review on Cars.com(5 stars) Lexus of Madison has received a 5 star review by a consumer on Cars.com.  As you know, your careful consideration of a review is highly recommended:…

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Belly Fat is a stronger indicator of early death.

written by john c ashworth, ma A new 14-year study using NHANES data has shown that while overall body fat is important to consider, belly fat may be the real killer.  In this review of the data collected as part of the on-going NHANES investigation, researchers discovered that men were twice as likely to die over…

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[fitness friday] Why YOU Should Consider a Walk in the Woods to Improve Your Health

written by john c ashworth, ma This is the time of year when people flood to the gym.  All of them with the intention to “stick with it this time.” How’s that been working for you? For a select few, the path to long-term health, weight loss and a full commitment to sticking with it…

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Five Simple Moves to Keep you loose, limber, and YOU and your back healthy and happy for the holidays

written by john c ashworth, ma I don’t know about you, but as the weather gets cold and the holiday seasons ramps up, the stress, lack of sleep, and my increasing age often leave me and my back quite stiff and sore. To counteract my ageing physique and the strains of this great season, here are my…

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How to design a home gym that you’ll actually use and that will get you results

written by john c ashworth, ma primary source: Men’s Fitness November 2015: “How to Design the Perfect Home Gym in Five Easy Steps” Like it or not, winter is here, and I know that for me, it’s time to take a personal inventory of my accessible workout venues for the colder months.  This year, I am…

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