Month: December 2021

How to keep your audio and video setup simple. A sneak peak into the creative flow of johnny renaissance.

produced by john c ashworth As we head into 2022, I’m spending a good part of the remainder of the year clearing out and making room for growth. I started out on this cold Sunday morning one way, and then my creative mojo took over and sent me in a different way. Along the way,…

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Why is strength training so important

produced by john c ashworth If you are wondering why strength training is so important, especially when you’re over 50, watch this 3-minute video. It’s a short story about how important strength training is to me and how and why I spend so much time each and every day working to maintain my body so…

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Don’t apologize for being a salesperson. Here’s how to sell with confidence and passion

produced by john c ashworth Stop apologizing for being a salesperson and sell with confidence

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