Month: July 2020

Making Money is Art

“Making Money is Art. Working is Art. And good business is the best Art.” -Andy Warhol

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Make yardwork clean-up easier with the LeafEasy leaf and garden chute

produced by john c ashworth *This is NOT a paid advertisement. I just love this product 🙂 And of course I love making videos… -Johns

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Find your groove. Wisconsin Fishing with John C Ashworth during the summer of 2020…it’s been amazing so far!

produced by john c ashworth Simple spots from the shore on Lake Mendota in Madison WI have been producing nice fish thus far this summer…it’s been a good way to grieve. I lost my Dad about a month ago…. -John

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[infographic] How to stay cool in HOT weather. Drink more water. Here’s how much…

created by john c ashworth It’s hot out out there. You can use this info graphic to keep track of how much fluid you need to be drinking and when. Click here for the infographic! -John

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The most important thing in business is Sales.

written by john c ashworth I’ve heard Mark Cuban say it on Shark Tank; and I’ve heard and read this idea in many other places too… “Sales cure a lot of ills.” In other words, when all else fails, focus on selling. Because if you’re not selling anything, you’re not really doing anything to make…

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