Month: September 2019

2019 Toyota Prius Prime Plus gas mileage update

Gas mileage report on the 2019 Toyota Prius Prime Plus following almost two months of ownership. -john c ashworth

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Connecticut man, Joseph Heller, spent his whole life making others laugh. So, of course, his family honored him with a comedic obituary when he died. – CNN

When Monique and her sisters started dating, their dad would run their dates’ license plates and check for bald tires. “If their vehicle passed inspection, they were invited into the house where shotguns, harpoons and sheep ‘nutters’ were left clearly on display,” the obituary says. Source: He spent his entire life pranking others. Now his…

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Master your craft. Avoid complacency. Take Action.

written by john c ashworth Competency is NOT enough. That’s why “Good is so often the enemy of Great.” There is great danger in complacency because once you find yourself living with this mindset, and working daily to justify your choice, change is hard to consider with an open mind. Maybe even impossible. If you’re…

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[video] 2019 Toyota Prius Prime gas mileage review – month 1 of ownership

produced by john c ashworth The Toyota Prius Prime is a great car. It feels like a little rocket ship. A fun and efficient way to get around town. I Love this car! Below is a quick less than 2-minute video documenting the first month of gas mileage. I have not been to a gas…

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