[video] 2019 Toyota Prius Prime gas mileage review – month 1 of ownership

produced by john c ashworth

The Toyota Prius Prime is a great car. It feels like a little rocket ship. A fun and efficient way to get around town. I Love this car!

Below is a quick less than 2-minute video documenting the first month of gas mileage.

I have not been to a gas station since I bought the car a little more than a month ago. I have only used a quarter tank of gas. Generally, I drive less than the 25 miles per day.

The 2019 Toyota Prius Prime will give you 25-30 miles on one full charge of the battery, which takes about 5.5 hours on a standard 120 volt outlet. Only about an hour and a half on the 220 volt outlet.

Bottom Line: overall, using your electric battery as much as possible - and you'll want to, because the driving experience is incredible...no, uplifting. Combined with the independent rear suspension, the only way you'll know you're not inside a luxury car is that you'll hear more road noise than you would, in say, a Lexus. But nothing out of the ordinary and this one is even quieter than our 2017 Toyota Prius 4. Also a terrific car, by the way.

Enjoy this short video about the 2019 Toyota Prius Prime.




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