Month: April 2019

[podcast] Do you have the right attitude about selling?

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Spring Cleaning 2019: Eight things to toss – The Washington Post

I discovered this article while reading The Washington Post.  Some really great advice here.  Also, some really fantastic writing and as an added benefit I added about two dozen great words to my 2019 word list.  I’ve been keeping a special notebook for these and will craft something special toward the end of the year…

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Can YOU Take Action even when things are NOT perfect?

The main difference between successful people and average people is their ability to take action even when things are not perfect. To leap when there is risk. To jump when their is fear and unknown variables. Be smart. Be strategic. But don’t wait. Your life is passing by… -John Photo by Emma Paillex on Unsplash

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Ivory Tower – CNN

CNN Films presents, “Ivory Tower.” Filmmaker Andrew Rossi questions the cost, value and methods of higher education in the United States. Is the nation doing enough to foster the development of tomorrow’s leaders? Source: Ivory Tower – CNN

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EXOS Phoenix

This place is awesome!  I had this idea about twenty years ago and couldn’t find anyone ready to listen.  Glad to see it manifest all these years later. -John Spread over 31,000 square feet, our facility includes a pool, field, massage room, athletes’ lounge, batting cages, and a training area with leading equipment. Source: EXOS…

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