Your marketing. Simplified.

written by john c ashworth I would be doing you a disservice here if I tried to tell you that marketing and the sales that result from it were easy. Remember, the mission here on the ash flash is to share real expertise in small doses for both your small business and your health and…

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Our democracy is like the steel of a sword. The more you temper it, the stronger it becomes…

from the desk of johnny renaissance This is a beautiful message from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Personal. Heartfelt. A powerful example of how eloquent and personal story-telling can produce a truly moving message. -john

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Where’s the proof?

written by john c ashworth Some of the most influential stories written for you by an expert copywriter are often based on the testimonials, success stories, and endorsements from your current customers. “You must build and continue to cultivate an on-going preponderance of social proof inside your small business.” You need to build a system…

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How Great Stories capture the imagination of your audience

written by john c ashworth Great stories capture the imagination of your audience. Stories that are lame lose credibility fast.  Authenticity rules when it comes to writing your stories.  Authenticity comes from the heart.  It’s a poem you write on a quiet Sunday morning, listening to the birds in your backyard and wondering how you…

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