Month: August 2021

Follow YOUR bliss. Listen carefully to YOUR muse. Discover how to connect with your audience.

written by john c ashworth Every time I read this company’s blog, I’m disappointed. Sometimes just downright mad at them for wasting my time. Which is, of course, my own fault. I could just unsubscribe. Walk away. Move on to the next blog. The next company. The next book. The next resource that is more…

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Photographs & Video of the Wisconsin River in Sauk City, Wisconsin

produced by john c ashworth Laura and I took a short trip to Sauk City, WI yesterday afternoon. I’m drawn to this river in mysterious ways… Thought you might enjoy some of the photographs and video I captured. -John

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How to sell more. Stop trying to be so clever.

podcast produced by john c ashworth How to sell more. Find Your passion and stop trying to be so clever *for more about my work at Frazer Consultants, click here. -John

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Stop avoiding the challenge in front of you and take action

written by john c ashworth I think the hardest thing about the Stop Wishing Start Doing mantra that surfaced in my workshop yesterday is that when you really decide to take action on something that’s important or challenging for you, that’s it. Now you just might fail. You have to be OK with that idea….

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What is life asking from you?

written by john c ashworth People on the road to Inner Light Do NOT find their vocations by asking, “what do I want from life?” Instead they ask… “What is life asking from me?  ..and how can I match my intrinsic talents with the ones the world needs?” YOU are an inspiration to those you serve…

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How to eat healthy and stay in shape

written & produced by john c ashworth When you’re willing to strip away all of the heresay and BS, the idea of how to eat health and stay in shape is not complex. The infomercials want you to believe otherwise. They want to prey on your emotions and your inability thus far to achive your…

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