Month: June 2016

My Silent War Cry for Father’s Day

written by john c ashworth “Be realistic?  Why on earth would you want to be realistic?”  Said Will Smith in an interview I watched recently.  His life mantras struck me deeply.  One of them in particular is in line with a danger I think about often.  Not just a danger, but a disease that we…

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Reed and Family, including YOU Jessica :) Love their new #Lexus Gx 460

…referred by Shannon Burrs “Thanks Shannon!!!”  

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Weekly walks ignite your potential

The Ash Flash for June 15th, 2016 Two mornings a week I walk with a long time loyal friend and client.  It’s a great way to start the day and you just never know what you’re going to see.  Today, two Caterpillar workhorses waited for their masters. Stopping to photograph these interesting tools, designed by…

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Tolerate Nothing! The Ash Flash for June 7th, 2016

written by john c ashworth Click here: ash-flash-060716-tolerate-nothing I ran way behind this week and wrote this week’s edition long hand…I’m starting to believe this may become a regular format.  Let me know what you think… -John

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