Month: January 2009

How to Get Inspired and Get Fit on a Saturday Morning

from the archives of johnny renaissance… It’s Sunday again and kids and I are enjoying more cartoons. I relish this time with them, in front of the fire, a nice cup of tea, and full of ideas to write about. Fortunately, work is busy and I seem to land here with them week after week…

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5 Musts for Your Winter Time Exercise Habit – As Seen on Channel 15 News on 1/15/2009

Alright, it’s damn cold out there right now. In fact at 10:30 PM on Thursday night it’s a whopping -10 degrees with a wind chill at -27. No one’s going outside right now, except to see what it’s like 🙂 This weekend, however, when the weather warms into the 20s, it will be time to…

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