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How to honor YOUR Dad & all those you’ve Lost every single day…

produced by john c ashworth I was a little too busy enjoying the day yesterday to spend time here ont he computer but after having an entire day to reflect and celebrate the legacy of fatherhood, I think I came up with something that might inspire you today. Hope you enjoy it… Here's the photo...

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Why you should never stop learning…the heart of my personal selling strategy

Why you should never stop learning...the heart of my personal selling strategy Just a quick Sunday afternoon story about why you should NEVER stop learning... produced by john c ashworth Down here in the ash flash workshop on a Sunday afternoon and ignoring the chores - all day! Hope you enjoy this story and take...

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How to show up as your true self as a salesperson

Facebook Twitter Youtube created and produced by john c ashworth I mentioned my high school football coach in the intro, but then never got around to sharing that part of the story and it's important... He used to say, "Go out and give it everything you have tonight and don't worry about the scoreboard. The...

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How to keep your video lighting simple & still look good!

produced by john c ashworth Just a few quick tips about how to enhance your video lighting in very simple ways... And here are a couple of links you can use for special pricing on the video tool I mentioned in this video and that I highly recommend video tool - CoVideo Have fun! -John

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Funerals. The party no one wants to plan…

produced by john c ashworth This one is for funeral directors and Gail and I have a longer interview scheduled tomorrow to cover this topic in more detail. Thanks for listening... Click the photo to learn more about Gail. -John

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Want to sell MORE? Listen up…

procuded by john c ashworth If someone pinned me down and forced me to choose one trait that ALL salespeople should possess and master, this would be it... -John

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How to keep your funeral home facebook marketing plan simple

Click here for more information about the growth engine digital marketing system for funeral homes. -John

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