Expert Online Personal Training & Virtual Coaching with John C Ashworth, The Fitness Nomad

What is Fitness Nomad online personal training and virtual coaching?

For more than twenty years during the first half of my career, I helped thousands of individuals like you achieve their peak levels of health and fitness as a clinical exercise physiologist, fitness coach and personal trainer. The name of that business was The Fitness Nomad.

Today, I'm in a completely different part of my life and career and working full time for a fast-growing technology company helping funeral directors achieve their business goals and serve their families and communities.

Here on the ash flash, I continue to post and share health and fitness related content and videos that reveal the unique and proprietary fitness systems and stretegies that I developed and honed during those 20 years and that I hope might help you. Especially if you're over 50 like me 🙂

You can subscribe for access to all of my fitness related content. I only share some of it publicly. And in case you're wondering, I don't work directly with clients anymore so the best way to tap into my expertise and wisdom in this realm is to become a subscriber.


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