Throw away your treadmill – It’s time for some Hula Hoop

That’s right!  The Hula Hoop is back, and this time
it’s heavier…

Although Hula Hoop was a popular child’s game between
the 1950s and 1980s, its roots actually date back 3,000
years to ancient Egypt, where circular hoops were made
from grape vines or stiff grass. The hoops were swung
around children’s waists or rolled on the ground using
the stick for fun. Today the Hula Hoop has been
upgraded for increased fitness performance.

Wendy Iverson, a Milwaukee fitness instructor, was
using a traditional Hula Hoop in the privacy of her
home for years. Looking to increase the workout level,
she inserted telephone wire into the tubing. The result
was a heavy-weight versatile hoop.

So what are the benefits of the Hula Hoop and why
should you think about trying a weighted one?

Hula Benefits

It targets your middle baby!

With circular trunk movements, it directly works
abdominal muscles, hips and waistlines. As a result,
you can gain both a cardio and strength workout.

This part is unbelievable…

One minute of Hula Hooping can burn as many calories as
running an eight-minute mile or high impact aerobic
class, according to the Cooper Institute, a health-
based, nonprofit research and education center. In
addition, Hula Hooping promotes correct body alignment
from the circular motions and proper posture in the
upper body routines.

How To Play Hoops

Aerobic Hula Hoop classes require minimal skill level
to take the class. Even if you haven’t picked up a hoop
since you were 10, you should be able to learn quickly.
And the weighted versions of the Hula Hoop actually
make it easier to do.  Believe me, I’ve tried and I
still can’t make that old school plactic version go.

Remember, just like everything else you want to start
slow and work into more intense workouts as you get
stronger and more fit.  Even one minute of Hula Hooping
can be a greuling workout, especially for your middle
aged physique.

The other great thing about the Hula Hoop is that you
can use it for other great core exercises while staning
or sitting in a chair.

Try these 3 moves for flattening your stomach:

1. Around the World
2. The Hula Hoop Side Bend
3. Side Lunge with Hula Crunch

Remember, to check back in a few days for the video for
these moves.

And if you’re looking to order a weighted Hoop you can
now get one from directly from The Fitness Nomad.

Just fill out this form and we will call you within 24 – 48
business hours to process your order:

Cost per Weighted Hoop is $47 plus tax.

Take care, John

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