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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do a great
interview with Holly Holton.  She owns a very unique
gym in West Hollywood called Pink Iron.

Click here for the interview:

She has a very unique concept that is definitely not
for everyone, and I did the interview with her for two
very important reasons...

First, she and her business are a perfect example of
powerful personal branding in action.

Second, her use of her "Dog Blog" is a perfect example
of how powerful a blog can be in boosting your fitness

Holly's dog's name is "Barbell."  And guess what
happens when she is out and about?  That's right,
people love cute little dogs and when they ask her the
dog's name she has a built-in conversation starter
about her fitness business.

Clients pass along her "Dog Blog" to friends and
colleagues and people come in to her studio just to see
the dog.

Admittedly, Holly stumbled upon the idea by accident.
It leaves me wondering what kind of dog I need to boost
sales in my own fitness business...


PS  Don't forget.  On November 4th, I'm holding a jam
packed teleseminar where I plan to teach you just the
kind of things Holly is doing to build your personal
brand online and boost your business and your fitness
career as a result.  Lock-in your spot right now at:

PSS  If you'd like to be interviewed on FitnesProBlogger
send your story to: and
I'll be in touch.



2 comments on “The Dawg Blog – Personal Branding at It's Best!

  1. Len Garrison says:

    John, I really appreciate your passion for what you do and who you are. I like your leadership style as well, to empower and to educate. Those two are good qualities!

    1. Hi Len, really appreciate your kind words. They mean a lot to me and thanks for taking the time to make them. John

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